With the International AIDS Conference taking place in Washington, DC (July 22-27, 2012), the YouthForce, in collaboration with the conference’s Youth Programme, has another chance to empower young people and advocate for current and critical issues affecting youth worldwide. The Washington DC YouthForce is composed of five committees through which we plan to carry out our activities. Get to know the committees…

Core Group

The role of the core group committee is to be the main organizer and ultimate decision maker of the DCYF. It is composed of one representative from each partner organization and all co-chairs of other committees.

Aram Barra
Rachel Arinii

Main Conference

The role of the conference committee is to ensure that young people are well represented at #AIDS2012. They also help in connect, mentor and guide young people before and during the conference.

Jaevion Nelson



The role of the advocacy committee is to explore and develop the DCYF advocacy messages and create a campaign around it. They help young people rally and organize around #AIDS2012.

Hugh Stephens
Pablo Torres


The role of the pre-conference committee is to organize and plan a youth pre-conference during which young people improve knowledge and build skills to support thier meaningful participation and leadership at the conference.

Ajay Kumar Uprety
Anita Krug
Mimi Melles

Pavilion & Reception

The role of the youth pavilion and reception committee is to guide the design of the youth pavilion at the #AIDS2012 Global Village, recommend sessions, and plan a great party for everyone!

Emily Carson
Michiel Andeweg
Olivier Anene


From the Blog

Read the DC YouthForce Blog to find updates before the conference, throughout the conference and after the conference from our team.

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