AIDS2012 Main Conference

As the largest international gathering on a health-related issue, the International AIDS Conference (IAC) has consistently served as a landmark event for the AIDS community. Since AIDS 2002 in Barcelona, the YouthForce has served as a key collaborative mechanism for youth involvement in the conference, working with young people to organize, mobilize and access key government and civil society leaders.


Through this coordination, youth voices are heard, programmes and research that affect youth are discussed and influential adults are rallied to support youth-led programming.


The role of the committee is to assure that young people are well represented at #AIDS2012. They also help in connect, mentor and guide young people before and during the conference.

The objectives of the Main Conference Subcommittee are to:

  1. Strengthen participation of young people by offering conference navigation assistance, mentorship and orientation; and
  2. Strengthen the profile of youth issues by promoting youth-focused sessions, working with youth speakers and programme committees, and observing youth issues throughout the conference.

Activities include:

  • Providing assistance with navigation around the conference and developing orientation materials
  • Connecting delegates before the conference
  • Observing youth issues throughout the conference
  • Working with youth speakers
  • Engaging with the scientific programme (young scientists)
  • Publicizing youth-focused sessions
  • Organizing meetings with VIPs for young leaders

Chairs: Adam Garner & Jaevion Nelson


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