Youth Pavilion

Youth Pavilion at AIDS2010 in Vienna, Austria

All Youth Pavilion Sessions support the following objectives set up by the #youthaids2012 Youth Programme working group.

  • Visibility: Strengthen the meaningful participation of young people throughout every aspect of the conference.
  • Mainstreaming: Engage young people as key stakeholders within the HIV response.
  • Support: Promote the work current youth leaders are doing to show that young people are driving the response in the epidemic and create outlets to recruit new youth leaders.


  • Funding: Provide outlets for youth to address and/or advocate for increased funding to be allocated to youth led programs, projects and core-funding for youth organizations
  • Creating safe forums for youth to:
    • Challenge the status quo
    • Speak about issues that affect young people
    • Redefine participation within the response to the epidemic
    • Address the direction of the movement
    • Share best practices with the greater community.

The role of the committee is to guide the design of the youth pavilion at the #AIDS2012 Global Village. The Youth Pavilion will be the main gathering place for youth delegates and visitors to #AIDS2012 to gather, network and share information. The sessions and events presented in the Youth Pavillion are all youth-led and will be informative and diverse. The  sessions were selected by the #youthaids2012 Working Group and reveiwed by peers.

Youth Reception

Since the International AIDS Conference in 2006, the youth reception has been the official event welcoming young people to the conference. The event serves to recognize the importance of youths leadership in the global response to HIV and AIDS as well as to celebrate their achievements.

During this evening of celebration, key note speakers and entertainment will set the tone for a positive and youth-friendly 2012 International AIDS Conference.

The role of the committee is to guide the planning of the youth reception and make sure that everyone has a lot of fun!

Chairs: Emily Carson, Michiel Andeweg & Olivier Anene

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