Youth pre-conference

The youth pre-conference will host 200 young people and will take place from July 18-20. The pre-conference will be held at the Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University. The three-day event aims to provide young delegates withtechnical information and skills for effective participation at the conference and the opportunity to network and connect with their peers prior to AIDS 2012.

The role of the committee is to organize and plan the youth pre-conference.

Chairs: Ajay Kumar Uprety, Anita Krug, Mimi Melles & Muge Cevik


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HIV and transgender rights workshop

Urooj Arshad & Naz Male Health Alliance

Download part 1 here: Socio-cultural dynamics of Hijra Community in Pakistan

Download part 2 here: HIV and transgender rights.


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Human Rights and HIV

Kikelomo Taiwo & Orain Edwards

Download the presentation

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Best practices on HIV/AIDS peer education from around the world

Bringing gender back into peer education from jauatkales Read More »

Media & Advocacy Training

Hugh & Pablo



Advocates for Youth

View the presentation in PDF form here.

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Scientific Side of HIV/AIDS: Hugh Stephens

The Science of HIV: AIDS2012 Youth Pre-Conference on Prezi

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From the Blog

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